Sprint 2 FPGA project

So, I decided it might be fun to squeeze an old video game into an FPGA. I do have my arcade adapter board which has an FPGA plus the needed video DAC and sound amp.

I thought I would try with Sprint 2 as it is a game I saw when I was young (too young to play) but always thought looked cool. Another plus was the small ROM space needed as my arcade board only has a 6k gate FPGA (using about 80% in total for the game).

After a calendar month of work I have learned a lot more about FPGA’s and Verilog, although there is plenty more to learn.

A very nice guy (Cimex on www.arkadtorget.se) supplied me with an actual steering wheel of the game and after making an opto board for it it works like a charm. Still missing a shift stick, but I added shift up and down inputs to the hardware instead, and that is working good for now.

Demo (in Swedish, sorry):