My EL3585

DSC_0130This is my EL3585. I found it at a flee market for motor hobbyists and the recorder was in a really bad shape. At first I just went by thinking it was “too dead for resurrection” but I couldn’t help myself. It turned out it was not that bad. Some bad solder joints on the PCB, some rubber was transformed to goo (easily replaced by O-rings) and all it really needed was a new belt for the re-wind.

I’m not very pleased with the sound, though. It sounds like it has a peak at 2kHz or something and if I record something with it it sounds even worse. The problem is I’m not sure if it is anything wrong with it or not. I even replaced all caps and it sounded exactly the same.


This is an early machine running at 4.75cm/s and the manual says it goes up to 5.5kHz which is not much. Just a little better than the old fashion telephone. Recorded speech sounds more than ok. It also shows some ringing in the amplifier… It goes away when I replace the speaker with a resistor, though. It would be great to get hold of another one to compare with.

The two top pieces are missing as well as the battery piece and the handle. Half of the microphone was included. 🙂 I will print the missing pieces when I get time.