Tape recorders

Ok. I have this thing for open reel recorders. I have had it all my life, since I found my mothers Grundig in my grandmothers attic. I must have been 4 or 5 and was totally amazed.

Today I have quite a few. Actually I don’t really keep track, but probably less than 15. 🙂 They are ranging from the early Philips ones listed here through the Tandberg ones used at schools here in Sweden up to my Revox A77 and Tandberg 9100X. Both the Revox and the Tandberg will have their own sections here soon, they both need work. The Tandberg has a near-deaf output channel and the Revox has a near-deaf input channel. I just got the pinch-roller for the Tandberg rebuilt (it started to turn to goo) and at that point I realized the Revox probably was next so I got a repro pinch-roller for it as a spare.