Character test

Yesterday evening I put together the first methods of my character handler. Now all sound files are read (currently about 140) and put in an array which keeps track of what character can say what, and you can then ask for a line read by a randomized character. 🙂 I will make it a little smarter so each line cannot be selected twice in a short time as it is now. Sounds a little empty without music and the rest of the planned sound effects, but it works quite nicely! 🙂

More demo videos

There are some more videos, I might as well put them here as well.

Shadow testing. This worked well….as long as the shadow didn’t move. When I think of it, this idea might not be fully tested, maybe there is one test left… 😉


Actual shmup demo. Animated enemies, animated ship, shooting enemies. Background stolen from another game. 🙂


This is the actual newer-looking shmup we are working on. Zoomed in, that’s why the ship seems a bit big. 😉


Very early video of NASG (Not Another Space Game) video intro.


NASG (Not Another Space Game) will be a retro-looking shoot-em-up. Plot: Our hero is chased by evil aliens, escaping through a time vortex and is moved back in time. I have limited graphics abilities myself, but I am good enough for this type of game. However, what I would like help with is the character’s voices.

You can record as many variations of each line as you want, the more the better! It will all be used randomly. Most of my variations below has been used, so try to come up with other ones making your character unique!

Recording can be done using your phone. iPhone users can use “Take” and Android users can use “Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder” which is free for up to 10min recordings and gives excellent results. Try to be in a quiet room!

These lines are in the plan at the moment:

– Get him! (hunting the hero)
– Hurry up! (hunting the hero)
– Follow him! (hunting the hero)
– What the…? (What..? What the h*ll..? etc) (Questioning, that is. Several versions, please!)
– WHAT!? (Screaming out loud)
– What happened..?
– We’re like sitting ducks here! (alien cannot move much, like in space invaders)
– Nooooo, [insert random alien name here]! (when alien buddy gets shot)
– You bastard! (Shouting at the hero… There are a million variations here… “Your mother is a…” Come up with something fun! The more the better!)
– This is so silly…. (Not happy with how the game works)
– HA! We GOT him! (Hero died)
– No, wait… He’s back. F*ck! (Hero had more lives)
– Fire! (Shoot him! Destroy him! Blast him to the seventies!)
– Seriously…?
– Damn! (F*ck! For Christ’s sake… General swearing)
– Oh noooo…..
– THIS time we WILL get him!
– NOW how do we look…?
– That’s good.
– This is SO strange… (This is sooooo fu**ed up…)
– Hey, we’re all back again!
– Ah, this is better!
– Now we have better guns!
– Same shitty guns…
– I can move better!
– What does this button do…?
– I can’t do this shit. I’ll go and pick the kids up.
– How humiliating!
– Now it sounds better!
– This is great!
– Moahahaaaa! (Manic laughter)
– Where IS he..?
– Here he comes!
– Now we’re talking!
– [Random stupid comment] (“What time is it?” “Hey, I like your pixels. 24bit?” “My mother was an ugly alien, too!”)
– Idiot!
– How did THIS happen?
– Goodbyyyye!
– Better luck next time!
– Yeah!
– Yeah.
– What HE said. (What…. IT said.)
– What is HE doing here??
– You’re in the wrong game, pal!
– Aaaaaaah! (Terrified)
– Game over, man! Game over!


Monitor interface finished

I don’t think I will be adding more functions to the graphics board. It can do what is needed (as far as I know now) so I think I will call it finished. 🙂 At least version 1.0. Maybe, in a few years or so, when better FPGAs are more affordable, I will do a juiced up compatible version. 🙂

A spec on the board can be found here.

Here is a version of the API, which is evolving all the time.