My Eben

DSC_0124I got this one when I was a kid. I loved it and played it from dusk til dawn. 🙂

It did have some problems with speed now and then but otherwise it was surprisingly good, and sounds better than many recorders from the same era. This was probably a low-cost machine. It is very light, it is battery operated and it runs at 9.5cm/s. It has no real flywheel, the capstan is driven by a light wheel rim-driven by the motor. This actually works well. 🙂

DSC_0125I got this one with it and I thought until now that it was a Luxor recorder, but it is not. I have yet to find out why they used a Luxor power adapter. Was this original or did someone patch them together before I got it?

It did have some problems. First I disconnected the speaker cables at some point and without any clue or a schematic it was not that obvious… But I got it sorted.

Another problem is the capstan and the pinch roller. The capstan was out of alignment and the pinch roller pin was bent. Getting this to work 100% is not easy. It would be much better to have some tool to at least set one of them correct… Now there are at least 4 variables. 🙂 I got it working well enough for now.

Another problem is the speed… I would like to turn it up a few %. There is a pot on the motor PCB but that does not seem to do anything useful. 🙂

If someone happens to have the service manual I would be very grateful.