PCB for Z80 debugger arrived

The PCB’s for the Z80 debugger arrived!

I’m still missing one of the IC types, 74LS244, so I couldn’t finish the assembly. But, so far so good!

2015-03-12 20.06.05The pod is to the right. It will connect to the main PCB using a ribbon cable, 40pin, to the top connector. I thought I could use an IDE cable, but I had forgotten about the alignment pin… So I have to order some new 40pin connectors. To the left on the main board the 5V supply and the connection to the Pi is placed. Only half of the FPGA board connectors are soldered for now, otherwise it will be hard to solder the remaining IC:s.

2015-03-12 20.06.36This is how it looks with the FPGA module mounted.

And the FPGA module fits! Good news, since I use the same footprint on my arcade monitor board as well. That one should arrive next week. Exciting!